Cheaper Gas – should I switch?

Cheaper Gas

Cheaper gas, well that’s a joke! I read in the paper today that Scottish Power plan to raise their gas prices by 19% from August ’11. I wonder how long it will be before the other companies follow their lead!

With this in mind I naturally thought about looking for a supplier who would give me cheaper gas in face of the price rises.

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Retiring – Planning for a Comfortable and Relaxed Retirement.


Are you thinking about retiring soon, perhaps within the next 5 years?

Although I don’t like the idea of starting an article with doom and gloom, I believe you should hit this subject head on. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but more and more people are getting to the age when they are due to retire to find that they simply can’t afford it.

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Saving Money Tips to Reduce your Utility Bill

Saving Money Tips

Would our saving money tips help reduce the strain you feel when your utility bill comes through? As fuel prices keep escalating is your salary or pension keeping pace?

The rising costs of fuel, increases in VAT and the need to fill up the car is having a dramatic effect on the population of Britain.

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Looking for the cheapest electricity and gas prices? Then follow these Golden Rules.

Shop around for the cheapest electricity and gas prices

The internet has transformed the way we shop.  And whilst many people scour the internet for the best deal on high street products, it seems that many of us are still uncomfortable when it comes to seeking out the cheapest electricity and gas prices around. More than half the homes in Britain (roughly 15 million) have never switched energy supplier. (source Energy regulator Ofgem).  Are you one of them?

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Compare Gas and Electricity Prices – Are you in a dilemma?

Compare Gas and Electricity Prices

Why would I want to compare gas and electricity prices? Having an extension build onto my bungalow presented me with the perfect opportunity to review my heating options. The old part had gas central heating but I wasn’t sure that I really wanted wallspace limiting radiators in the new lounge, and I wanted a focal point for the room which was long and large. I realised that having the additional space to heat was going to increase my bills regardless of what I did so I started to investigate my choices.

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Reduce the Cost – Six ideas for cost savings

Cost savings

If you are suddenly on your own and the income you have been used to is now reduced and you now need to think about cost savings, where do you start?

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Cheap Cookers – Hints and Tips to help you Buy

Cheap Cookers

There are so many things which demand our money, not least cheap cookers, these days that we often have to make compromises when buying or replacing items for the home. There are some things we can’t avoid, and it is the unexpected that often causes the biggest problems. If you are trying to save money but you need to buy a new cooker, what do you need to think about when looking at cheap cookers?

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Cheapest Electricity Supplier – Shedding a Little Light on the Subject

If you are just about to move into a new home, and it’s all electric you will probably be looking to keep costs down and find the cheapest electricity supplier.

So what do you do?  Well if you are like many other people you will go to the internet; and that’s where things get confusing! There are a whole range of sites offering to help you find the cheapest electricity supplier. Continue reading